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    The first rapid AI system development platform for designing, testing, deploying and running intelligent systems that solve complex data analysis challenges.
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    Inject the power of Deep Learning intelligent systems throughout your business!
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    A single enterprise-grade platform for rapidly creating sophisticated, purpose-built AI systems with Complex Deep Learning architectures.
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Rapidly Create Deep Learning Intelligent Systems with BigBrain
Structured Data WranglingBigBrain accelerates data preparation through pre-built and curated drag-and-drop data transformation algorithms. An agnostic data wrangling approach supports any source or connector regardless of data structure, size and source. A ‘Smart Process Operator’ speeds data transformation by running a set of data transformations together in a single process.
AutoML and Sophisticated Machine LearningBigBrain supports standard and tuned ML models ranging from simple logistic regression to more sophisticated SVMs and Boosted Tree Variants. Add custom domain-specific features with full-fledged feature engineering. Quickly select and create machine learning models with support for AutoML, a visual drag and drop model building function with custom code capabilities.
Visual DL Designer Supports Complex ArchitecturesDeep Learning model building is simplified and accelerated through a unique drag and drop interface that allows users to quickly construct complex DL architectures such as adversarial, collaborative, transfer, hybrid, Human-in-the-Loop (HITL). Users can combine ML and DL models to generate highly accurate, robust models.
Model ExplainabilityGain understanding of deep learning models with auto generated explanations at the observation, segment and model levels. BigBrain also explains the model differences and produces automated prescriptions. For sparsely labeled data, BigBrain allows intelligent Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) integration to improve analysis accuracy by leveraging human domain expertise.
Model Lifecycle ManagementBigBrain is an enterprise ready platform that provides a governance process for synchronizing the monitoring, managing and auditing of machine learning and deep learning models throughout the system development life cycle. Users access model libraries based on pre-set roles and permissions.
Enterprise Architecture & Integration ReadyAn enterprise-grade architecture with docker and kubernetes orchestration scales horizontally and vertically. The componentized plug-and-play architecture allows seamless addition of custom functionality, configurable integration into enterprise authentication services, data lakes and monitoring/recovery systems, as well as easy integration with external services and third-party systems.
How does BigBrain work?Use BigBrain to ingest data from multiple data sources, transform the data, rapidly design, train and optimize ML and DL models, and then automate the deployment of models to create intelligent systems.
A single platform for experienced data scientists and novice usersBigBrain empowers data scientists, data engineers, and IT operations specialists to easily build and manage Expert AIs, which provide data insights essential for intelligent solutions throughout the enterprise.
Build Expert AIs
  • Start by creating a new Expert AI or import an existing one.
  • Expert AIs are purpose-built ML, DL or hybrid models that can be reused, imported, exported and combined to solve complex data analysis challenges.