what is big brain?

Big Brain is a Rapid AI System Development platform that empowers AI teams to build intelligent systems that solve complex business problems.

AI teams accelerate the creation of AI solutions through Big Brain’s unique combination of Data Science Automation, Dynamic Learning Models, Deployment Automation and built-in optimization for High Performance Computing.

Big Brain Makes Rapid AI System Development Possible

Big Data Creates the Fuel for AI

The exponential growth of Big Data creates both the need and fuel for AI. Big Brain excels in environments with large amounts, which give it the quantities required to maximize AI data models.

GPU-Accelerated Computing

Big Brain uses GPUs rather than CPUs to perform computation in applications speeds the execution of machine instructions translates into more rapid response times for pattern matching.

Advanced Deep Learning

Big Brain uses Deep Learning algorithms with a cascade of many layers of nonlinear processing units for feature extraction and transformation. Big Brain’s algorithms are both supervised and unsupervised for superior pattern analysis and classification.

What does Big Brain do?

Big Brain brings multiple system components together making it possible to rapidly build AI solutions that solve data analysis challenges not possible with traditional analytics or data science technologies.

Using Big Brain, AI teams can quickly create Expert AIs using the platform’s Data Science Automation capabilities: data wrangling, drag-and-drop model building and model deployment automation.

What are the Advantages of
Big Brain?

Solve multiple business challenges within a single AI platform that supports the full AI solution lifecycle including: Data Preparation, Rapid Model Building, Model Deployment Automation and Continuous Model Optimization.

Accelerate time-to-market of AI solutions through Data Science Automation.

Address complex data analysis problems that require a Deep Learning system that can identify:

  • Patterns not pre-determined by humans
  • Patterns with hundreds or thousands of variables
  • Non-linear patterns

How does Big Brain work?

Razorthink Big Brain has the intelligence, speed and capacity necessary to move Big Data analytics projects into production - even those that have been stuck in pilots or are not feasible using using traditional analytics or data science technologies.

The Razorthink Big Brain platform brings powerful deep learning and modeling techniques to AI teams to create intelligent solutions previously impossible.


    Interactive UI displays models with the code behind the model and how the models were built.

  • Data Wrangler

    Integrates, refines and intelligently encodes the data. Data is formulated into Tensors (multi-dimensional arrays) for AI data modeling.

  • Visual Model Builder

    Drag and drop data model builder with editing capabilities.

  • Deployment Automator

    Tells users how to configure the system in terms of number of services and amount of storage needed based on the specific Expert AI.

  • Dynamic Learner

    Big Brain uses Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Anecdotal Learning and Automated Feature Recognition to identify patterns in feeds of activity in real-time using a combination of supervised and unsupervised models.

  • Data Explorer

    Users can port existing python code, models and scripts into the Big Brain platform. This enables users to reuse functional models built in general purpose analytics platforms.