Razorthink Expert AIs

Transforming into a digital business or transitioning from product-centric to a customer-centric organization requires new types of data analysis.

Our Expert AIs are specifically formulated and continually optimized to solve business problems that contain complex data analysis.

Expert AIs use the combined power of Data Science Automation, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Anecdotal Learning, Automated Feature Recognition, Embedded Domain Expertise and High Performance Computing to:

  • Uncover insights never before possible
  • Help businesses avoid blind spots
  • Recommend actions that alter outcomes
  • Dramatically increase efficiencies


Intelligently automates manual business processes

Helps companies overcome obstacles in implementing digital innovation. AIs automate manual processes based on AI decision-making models combined with embedded domain knowledge. Expert AIs detect and process vast amounts of data to enhance productivity and efficiency, reduce operational risks, and improve customer experiences. Companies can improve compliance, reduce cost structures, and gain a competitive advantage from intelligent efficiency.


Recommends actions that alter outcomes

Recommends products, services or business actions based on Deep Learning micro-segmentation analysis. AIs can determine which customers have a high propensity for upsell and cross-sell offers and prescribe specific sales or marketing actions in time to alter the outcome. This increases sales, lowers marketing costs and improves customer satisfaction.


Detects patterns not predetermined by humans

Using a unique combination of deep neural networks, anecdotal learning, automated feature detection and embedded domain expertise, AIs provide companies with superior fraud detection. AIs detect new types of fraud by identifing patterns that have not been pre-determined by humans, enabling companies to avoid blind spots and ‘know what you don't know.'


Uncovers customer patterns never before possible

Predicts customer behavior with superior accuracy based on behavior patterns, micro-segmentation and demographic information. Expert AIs can predict whether a customer will cancel a subscription, stop using a product/service, or respond to a competitive offer. By identifying these insights well in advance, companies have time to take actions that will impact outcomes.