Expert AIs

Accelerate your transformation to a AI-driven business with purpose-built Expert AIs that jumpstart the development of continuous learning business solutions.

Razorthink Expert AIs are hybrid models that include some combination of machine learning algorithms, complex deep learning neural networks, transfer learning and anecdotal learning -- within a multi-model architecture uniquely designed to solve a complex business challenge.

Our reusable Expert AIs speed the journey to becoming a AI-driven business and empower organizations to:

  • Predict outcomes with superior accuracy
  • Uncover insights never before possible
  • Prescribe actions that alter outcomes
  • Avoid blind spots to minimize risk
  • Dramatically increase efficiencies
Customer Persistency Predicton AIA hybrid deep learning model designed to identify the behavior of individual customers and predict persistency based on the behavior. Typical customer persistency would include the likelihood that a customer will continue to pay for a product/service without lapsing.
Recommendation AIA hybrid deep learning model that recommends products, services, content or business actions based on a micro-segmentation analysis, which is derived from the behavior of a customer from various transactional and non-transactional data sources. A deep learning network is used to identify patterns in the data and model the behavior of the customer.
Intelligent Document Processing AIA combination of best-in-class OCR engines, machine learning and deep learning models expertly designed to automatically recognize characters, values, words, tables and blocks of text within PDFs, scanned images or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data. The Expert AI can recognize information dynamically, without requiring rules-based instruction.
Video Object Recognition AIThis deep learning model automatically identifies objects, attributes and features of an object within a digital video in real-time. The model can be trained to recognize different classes of objects, people, buildings and places, while also being capable of detecting several variables within the image.
Conversational AIA hybrid deep learning model that can converse, suggest, recommend and engage with users based on volumes of data available from previous interactions. The Conversational Expert AI can be used to both understand and navigate give-and-take interactions, while continually learning to get smarter over time.
Passage Reading AIA complex deep learning network designed to answer questions within a passage of text. When given a paragraph that represents a series of facts, the Expert AI will dynamically answer a question that is inferred based on the facts within the passage.
Anomaly Detection AIA deep learning model that identifies unusual data, images, events or observations that do not match expected patterns in a dataset. This Expert AI can help businesses avoid blind spots by detecting new patterns not pre-determined by humans.
Mixed Pattern Recognition AIA multi-model deep learning algorithm for pattern recognition that injects human input when critical information for analysis is not available within the data. The Expert AI uses weighted input from human experts to improve the accuracy of predictions.
Creating Expert AIsExpert AIs are reusable hybrid machine learning and deep learning models designed to drive a specific business outcome. You can rapidly build Expert AIs within the BigBrain platform. Import, export and combine multiple Expert AIs within intelligent enterprise systems to solve complex data analysis challenges.