Industry Leaders Use BigBrain to
Become AI-Driven Enterprises

Leading banks, financial service providers, insurance companies and telecoms use Razorthink intelligent systems to accelerate Digital Transformation, transition from product-centric to customer-centric and go beyond their customers’ expectations. Razorthink powers companies to solve complex data analysis challenges not possible with traditional analytics or data science technologies.

Banks Rely on BigBrain to Improve Retention through AI-driven Insights

High Customer Churn

Banks are losing customers at an average rate of 12-15% per year. For new customers, it’s even higher - 20-25%, with half not making it past the first 90 days after opening up an account.

Clear Opportunity to Increase Profits

A 5% reduction in customer turnover at a bank can increase net profits as much as 80%.

BigBrain Predicts Churn with Unmatched Accuracy

Razorthink BigBrain uses Deep Learning to help some of the world’s largest banks predict customer churn with unmatched precision, speed and accuracy. BigBrain has the unique power and ability to predict customer behavior for millions of users simultaneously with higher accuracy than machine learning or human data scientist techniques.

Big Brain is transforming how banks handle
customer churn, upsell and cross-selling,
campaign effectiveness, fraud and risk.

Telecoms Tap BigBrain Insights to
Go Beyond the Network

Beyond the Network

Telecommunications providers are expanding beyond the network and rolling out cellular services with applications attached.

Success Depends on Customer Insight

In this emerging paradigm, telecom providers must understand the deepest level of customer behavior to offer the best solutions at the right price—and time—to keep customers satisfied.

Big Brain Predicts Outcomes that Improve Customer Satisfaction

Leading-edge telecommunications providers are tapping Razorthink Big Brain to deliver Deep Learning predictive insights from customer feeds that power an entirely new category of cellular services and applications.

Big Brain Powers Telecoms with Insights
that enable New Services and Apps.