Go The Last Mile: AI Solutions That Deliver Business Impact

Algorithms are not AI solutions. Go beyond building models and deploy intelligent systems that deliver
business value. Razorthink’s BigBrain AI development platform, Expert AIs and expertise building intelligent systems
give companies everything necessary to realize the full potential of AI.

BigBrain Platform

Rapidly prepare, design, train, tune and deploy complex Deep Learning and hybrid models using an enterprise-class AI Data Science platform that accelerates modeling building with a unique visual ML and DL model designer.

Expert AIs

Kickstart Last Mile AI solutions with pre-built models designed to deliver specific business outcomes. Combine Expert AIs together to address accelerate the development of complex AI solutions.

Intelligent Systems Expertise

Augment internal skills and resources with Razorthink’s expertise in complex Deep Learning model design, UI design, intelligent system workflow creation and data integration to develop sophisticated AI solutions in weeks instead of months.
Why Razorthink?
“We are investing in Deep Learning AI as we believe it's going to take predictive analytics to new heights. Razorthink is one of the very few players who has developed expertise in this area and is helping us to predict customer behavior with superior accuracy.”Balaji Narayanamurthy,
EVP & Head of Business Intelligence Unit, Axis Bank

Create Last Mile AI Solutions With BigBrain

Take AI out of the lab, beyond pilot programs and into the business world!

Use BigBrain to quickly create AI solutions never before possible using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Conversational AI and more - all within a single platform.

Easily design complex solutions that require multi-model Deep Learning architectures using BigBrain’s unique Visual DL Model Designer.

Drive essential aspects of your business with purpose-built AI solutions that will create sustainable competitive advantages.

AI Customer

Use AI to predict with superior accuracy whether a customer will stop using a product/service, or respond to a competitive offer. By identifying these insights well in advance, firms have time to take actions that will impact outcomes.

AI Fraud Detection in
Video Surveillance

Use sophisticated hybrid deep learning models to detect specific behavioral movements in video used to identify fraudulent behavior in real-time for banks, retail stores, restaurants and other consumer-facing companies.

AI Predictive
Cross-sell and Upsell

Identify customer behavioral patterns that predict the probability that an individual will convert to a more expensive product or purchase a related product. Use predictive information to drive marketing campaigns, real-time recommendations and arm sales teams with predictive scores and prescriptive actions to target specific customers.

AI Invoice Processing

Use hybrid AI models to automatically read invoices and extract specific data dynamically - regardless of its structure and then integrate the information with downstream workflow processes and systems. This pumps real-time financial intelligence into the organization.

Customer Service

Move from rule-based systems to an intelligent system that dynamically generates precise answers to complex customer questions pulled from an organization’s complete knowledge base. Can be used in combination with chatbots or by human representatives.

AI Network Fraud

Using a unique combination of deep neural networks, anecdotal learning, automated feature detection and embedded domain expertise, detect new types of fraud by identifying patterns that have not been pre-determined by humans, enabling companies to avoid blind spots and keep up with emerging types of fraud.